What is BOM TECH?

BOM TECH is our PC enthusiast and gaming hardware section of @ Work Computers Limited. All of @ Work Computers Limited's new custom built computers and laptops are built by BOM TECH. All of our reconditioned computers are all reconditioned by BOM TECH. The BOM TECH name and logo are registered trademarks.

Attention to Detail

BOM TECH's new and reconditioned computers are carefully provisioned. All components are always handled with care and reconditioned components are always cleaned. Vigorous testing is undertaken with any computer built by BOM TECH. Nearly 40 years of hardware enthusiasm is found in all of BOM TECH's creations.

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In with the new

BOM TECH can build new laptops for any purpose, desktops, servers, workstations and all in one computers.

BOM TECH builds are no compromise computers enjoyed by many.

Please contact the store for further details and a no obligation quote on 01273 44 11 11 or email sales@workcomputers.ltd


BOM TECH provides @ Work Computers Limited with many reconditioned computers and laptops.

Much like the BOM TECH new builds, the reconditioned computers are all extremely popular with our customers for their reliability and value for money.

Due to the ever changing stock availability, please visit this page to browse our current stock.